Fitz and Will - the Cambridge Cats
Fitz and Will - the Cambridge Cats

Join us on our first Cambridge adventure - we're off to Trinity May Ball.

Check out my fancy boots... I'm Fancy-foot Fitz, the prettiest cat in Cambridge.


I'm Whisker-twitch Will - find me wherever there's good food.


Book signing at Heffers: 29th November. Meet Fitz and Will in person for the first time!

Little Cam Books published its first book, Fitz and Will - the May Ball Adventure, in May 2014. These two adorable Cambridge Cats are capturing little people's imaginations all over Cambridge and further afield. Buy your copy now and join their adventure!


"It has rhythmical, rhyming verse, fabulous illustrations and is the perfect length for reading aloud... and the bonus tick: it's set in Cambridge." Cambridge News


''Lose yourself in this wonderful, Cambridge-set adventure'' - Waterstones


"Beautiful and mesmerising are not enough to describe how unique this picture book is" - Waterstones Customer


''The most adorable of characters in the most wonderful of places'' - Cambridge Resident


"A beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations." - The Cambridge Toy Shop


"We are delighted to be selling this beautifully illustrated book... a wonderful story set around the stone lions that guard the entrance to the Fitzwilliam Museum." - Evelyn de Visser, Assistant Manager, Fitzwilliam Museum Enterprises


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