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Fitz and Will, the Cambridge Cats, were c0-developed by Laura Robson Brown and Katherine Mann in 2014. Laura's writing, combined with the beautiful illustrations by Jia Han, magically brings these adorable characters to life in The May Ball Adventure , The Graduation Adventure (April 2015) and The Christmas Adventure (October 2015).


Jia has recently completed an MA in Children's Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. Amongst a selection of samples submitted to Little Cam Books by some very talented artists, Jia's sensitive and architectural depiction of Cambridge streets and buildings, together with a charming and somewhat whimsical characterisation of the cats, stood out as a winning formula. Meanwhile, Laura's tightly rhyming text gives the story a wonderful read-aloud rhythm which appeals to readers and listeners alike.


The May Ball Adventure is the first in a series of stories, bringing Fitz and Will to life in the wonderful city of Cambridge. Not only will children who live in Cambridge be enchanted by the story set in their home town, but students, past and present, will also delight in recognising favourite corners of Cambridge life in the illustrations. And, at long last, visitors to Cambridge will have a beautiful children's book to take home with them as a gift for young family and friends, or simply as a memento of their travels.


The Graduation Adventure was published in April 2015 and launched to a sell out crowd at The Cambridge Literary Festival. The Cats return to the city when Graduation Day at St John's College is in full swing. Fitz disappears but Will can't find her. Where can she be?


The Christmas Adventure, published in October 2015, combines the mischief of Fitz and Will with the magic of Christmas and the famous carol service at King's College. Jia's beautiful illustrations capture snowy Cambridge at its best and the Cats have a surprise sleigh ride with Father Christmas.


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Fancy-foot Fitz - or Fitz for short - is rather obsessed with beautiful accessories, particularly footwear. Her favourite boots are pink, stamped with stars. Fitz lives with her best friend Will by the huge lion statues at the Fitzwilliam Museum. She loves to watch all the visitors (and their shoes) and adores to explore Cambridge with Will. Together they seem incapable of staying out of mischief.


Will is short for Whisker-Twitch Will - so named because the moment he smells something delicious his whiskers start to twitch. Fitz is a cat who loves gourmet food, and he manages to find plenty of it in Cambridge. When he isn't loitering outside college kitchens his favourite haunt is Fitzbillies, where he gazes longingly at the wonderful cakes in the window, much to the impatience of Fitz who is keen to press on with their adventures. Luckily, the visitors to the Fitzwilliam Museum are rather careless with their snacks and Will is more than happy to follow in their wake.

Festive Collaboration with Cambridge University Press 2019

We are collaborating with the world famous publisher, Cambridge University Press, to help them with their very own unique festive message to be sent to over 250,000 clients around the globe where 'Leo from Brazil' is shown our beautiful city by Fitz and Will. Read the story here The Festive Adventure

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